Brower's Best LLC 

A handyman service provider for the Colorado Springs area

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Our Service to You

From the moment you call to schedule a quote, you will be greeted with sincerity and a genuine concern for helping you get your project done, this is a typical job from Brower's Best LLC:


The first and often most important step is to figure out what you would like Brower's Best LLC to take care of for you. then give James Brower a call at 719 466 7775 to schedule a LOW COST estimate to get your project started. (Free in some cases)

or send me an email at

If the estimate reveals that the job can be done with out going back and getting any more tools AND the job will be 2 hours or less I will simply charge my minimum and take care of it ASAP.


After the estimate where we gather all the clients concerns and project ideas, pricing options will also be established here. if the client decides to move forward, a date for service will be scheduled, Brower's Best LLC will do everything possible to be right on time the day scheduled, or otherwise have already contacted you concerning any delays. We then need to put together a list of tools and materials needed, and if then client requires the transport of materials there will be a small material handling fee in addition to the cost of the materials.


On the date of service scheduled Brower's Best LLC will be dispatched to location provided following GPS, with everything needed to fulfill the work order outlined in the estimate, any work that is not in the estimate/ work order that requires going back to get previously unmentioned tools materials or consumables is subject to additional dispatch fees for each additional trip made. Brower's Best LLC will continually be in contact with clients because communication is key.

Clean up

After we have attained customer satisfaction/ work order completion for the job at hand its time to clean the area I have been working in up and leave it better than I found it, I can haul it away or put it in with your weekly trash (if applicable) i charge a small fee when I am doing haul away as well. Recycling will be preformed when and where possible.


Brower's Best LLC can write a paper invoice as well as do electronic invoicing. we take cash and checks, as well as electronic funds transfer. (3.25% transaction fee for electronic funds)

Payment plans set on recurring payments are acceptable as well, weekly, bi weekly, and monthly plans available for those that qualify.