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A handyman service provider for the Colorado Springs area

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"general handyman" rates as well as "skilled handyman" rates, tell us at or before time of estimate if your project(s) involve skilled handyman or general  handyman rates

In Colorado a handyman can do quite a bit of your home remodel and repair which includes: 

*NON-structural remodel and repair (flooring, cabinets, drywall hanging and drywall repair, appliance and fixture install, countertops and vanity replacement, custom finish work at our own discretion)

*Gardening, landscaping, gutter cleaning, fencing, snow shoveling, and other outdoor work

*Odd jobs and much more!

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Need some materials - appliances, fixtures, odds or ends to finish projects, but don't have the time or means to go get them?

 Do you not really need a handyman but a guy with a truck to get bigger things home ?   
( or away from home)

 call or text Brower's Best LLC to rent me and my truck for the day.

 (offer extended at my own discretion and at a "percentage on top of cost" type fee)

719 466 7775

Got stuff taking up room?

 Want it gone but don't have a truck to get it gone?

 Perhaps you just don't have the time ? 
I have good news: I can haul it away for you.

call or text now to book an appointment,
low rates!!

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Hey you! Are you drowning in things to do?
 So many things you can't think straight? Maybe just a few different things that need done?
 Gutters cleaned light bulbs, changed leaves raked and bagged, yardwork maybe some fixing and tidying here or there? 
Need  just an hour or two, or guaranteed 8 hours keeping me busy the whole time,

 Brower's Best  LLC has a special deal for you, call or text now!

719 466 7775

Feb, 1
2020 -

Introduction to Brower's Best LLC

"Hey there, welcome to my website, my name is James Brower

 Brower'sBest  LLC

 I started my business because I didn't have a stable source of income in the food service industry, I was a cook and trained for manager at 3 different 'higher-than-fast-food-type' eating establishments.

 I found myself overworked, underpaid, unappreciated, and unable to claw my way to even a meager existence for myself, much less the family I am trying to raise in this ever changing world. (shout out to my partner your amazing babe were such a good team and I couldn't effectively do any of this without you).

 I was capable of running the kitchens I worked in but couldn't get payed nearly what I feel I'm worth and rarely got to have any time to be a human, that in addition to this corona virus shutdown happening a second time.

 I made the decision to open my own business and on February 1st I opened Brower's Best LLC. I have several years experience prior to my restaurant "career" with general contractors and subcontractors and various other construction related jobs dating on back to my early teens, that have readied me in many ways to have the confidence in my skills and abilities, as well as some tools of the trade, and a lot of contacts in the construction remodel sector.

 All in all that's me I'm James and I'll do anything I legally and safely can at a fair price, I'm worth every penny you will ever pay me. I would bet on it"



Flexible Scheduling

Brower's Best LLC puts great effort into working around your schedule. Often available after work and on weekends. With the ability to work whenever is most convenient to you, and the drive to outdo even our own expectations, you can be sure that Brower's Best LLC strives to be available for you when other guys cant or wont. Most importantly though we strive to be there when you need us and out of the way when you don't! 

Affordable Prices

Being a small business Brower's Best LLC is able to cut certain costs associated with the bigger guys, and pass the savings onto you! We take great pride in being able to work with people to come to an agreement that favors both parties, you for getting your project needs met at a price (or payment plan) you can afford, and ourselves as well for being able to take a customer and solidify them as a life long client. Being personable and receptive to not only the project needs but also the clients wallet is one of t6he many things that sets Brower's Best LLC apart from all the other Handymen out there. 

 Business Hours

Phone and email 7:00 am - 9:00 pm 7 Days a week! Call, Text, or Email NOW!

Monday - Thursday 9:00 am - 7:00 pm

Friday - available by phone only

Saturday 11:30 am - 9:00 pm (appointments only)

Sunday 12:30 pm - 9:00 pm (appointments only)

Brower's Best LLC's Mission Statement

Brower's Best LLC aims to provide quality handyman services and unbeatable customer relations from the moment we meet as business associates through building into a stable handyman client relationship. With your home improvement ideas and our honest hard work we hope to become your preferred handyman whenever you need something done. Brower's Best LLC works to demonstrate our core principles at all times. They are as follows and non negotiable for Brower's Best LLC as a whole, or any party represented as such, or in relation to us, or any of our present and future employee(s):


We are always up front with our clients and communicate honestly every step of the way.


We work hard to schedule our appointments around our clients lives and as such are very punctual and when life happens we rely on good  constant communication to uphold our high standards of dependability 



We work hard to bring your home improvement ideas to  becoming a reality FAST!

Discounts available to those who qualify! Ask us how today! Referral bonuses also available! Hired us before? Leave us a review on Google, we love having happy customers, so if you are ever dissatisfied with any service from Brower's Best LLC, contact us and we will see what we can do to help!

Your Contact

When you contact Brower's Best LLC you are contacting a company who has recently started operating as a company but is based upon my own several years in the construction and remodel sectors under professionals who taught me well because I have soaked up knowledge like a sponge but I have not stopped there, I continue every day to better my knowledge base and expand ,y experience pool. I am willing to use any recourse available to me to learn how to do anything i set my mind to. I am always willing to take accountability and learn from anyone and everyone I can.

James Brower

Owner/Operator/Handyman/ web page publisher

I am always up front with clients and communicate honestly the cost of, as well as the job expectations between me and the client every step of the way.

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Telephone: ( 719 ) 466 - 7775

(calls work but text preferred )


Address: 2641 East Uintah street # 9015

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